What's wrong with GNOME 3

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Linus Torvalds quote

The biggest thing any program can do is not the technical details of the program itself; it’s how useful the program is to users.

So any time any program (like the kernel or any other project), breaks the user experience, to me, that’s the absolute worst failure that a software project can make.

It Broke user-experience

When we press Super key for app search it opens a full screen very slow UI. There is no launcher, although there is a extension called Dash to Dock but it is also laggy. While using multiple workspace it is very frustrating.

Slow and Unresponsive

It is very slow compared to it's previous version (GNOME 2). A person who does very much multitasking will find it very frustrating.

Window title bars are too large

This is the thing which i hate most. They are very large and useless. Why so big, GNOME ? A person with 14 inch laptop and 1366x768 resolution will find it horrible. It consumes so much space.

Laggy "Spread all windows" feature

I use this feature very much. In unity it works like charm, windows spreading animation are very smooth and fast. But in GNOME 3 it sucks.

Thing that I love most

Lots of extension and highly customizable :)