Reasons to prefer linux over windows

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If you find a free item that does better work than a paid item. Who doesn't prefer it. Well many don't !


You need root password before modifying the system which makes it any trojan impossible to break the system. Overall the process of package management, the concept of respositories and couple of more features makes it more secure then windows.

Command line interface

You can do almost everything through commandline without leaving terminal.

Software updates

When it comes to updates, windows sucks. It is very easy to install updates in linux.

Light weight

Linux is very lightweight than windows. If we talk about hardware requirement linux always wins.

Highly Customizable

When it comes to customization, linux is like changing a male to female. You can change whole desktop environment.

Variety of Distributions

You will find hundreds of linux distributions, you can choose any available distro according to your requirement.